"Whatever i am, I am just going to be it"

Who am I? What category do I fit into? What lifestyle category is mine? 

I find myself putting these questions into everything I do, because to be honest I really don't know.
I feel like this is a normal question that everyone asks themselves. 
I don't feel like anyone ever really truly finds this answer just forever struggles.

Completely bewildered by all the options, everything i admire and my own indecisiveness. Forever exhausted by the idea of finding my "niche", in writing, in working, in parenting and in personality. 

It really truly is depleting, never feeling like you quite fit in. Not that I feel lonely or exiled just slightly displaced. 

This week I was completely astonished by a young writer. Her story's of adolescence seemed to resonate so deeply, almost as if my own thoughts had magically appeared on the pages in front of me. The raw, deep honesty that is expressed is so refreshing and familiar. 
Would you believe it I feel like I am learning so much about myself from an 18 year old. 

I don't necessarily feel it is the story or the creativity that leaves me feeling exhilarated, (although it plays a significant part) it is more the message and the freedom in which she admits she is learning, still discovering herself. This is what I admire and what I want to embrace. 

I am me, I don't quite know who that is and I may never find out. Whatever I am, I am just going to be it. 






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