What makes a weekend a great one for you?

For me its if i get to feel like I'm on holiday for any moment on the weekend. It gives me this refreshed relaxed feeling and I'm ready to start my week feeling like i have made the most of my sacred two days off.

So most weekends its thats my goal. We usually have so much to do on weekends that between swimming lessons, house work and family functions there's not a lot of time left. Normally by the time sunday rolls over, I'm left with this guilty feeling, because although i got all the washing done and my house is spotless i'm left feeling just as exhausted as i did on friday.
So it has become my goal that at least for a couple of hours of our weekend i try and create a situation where we get to sit in the sun, away from the TV, let the world fall away and just enjoy our surroundings.

Today was one of those good days.
We purchased a slip and slide.

Now although this doesn't sound very relaxing it did just the trick.
We got to sit in the sun, giggle at our little girl, eat hot dogs and ice cream...and forget where we were.

So now I'm sitting here on my little deck, with my coffee under the afternoon sun and i can sigh and know it was a great weekend.


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