Best day of the week

(Nearly) every Saturday I go for a run. A park run. Now I am far from an athlete but I do it. I don't do it to be fit, a small part of me does it to be healthy, but more than anything I do it for how it makes me feel.


 It all started with my parents. They have become these fit healthy go get it kind of people, waking up every weekend looking for a new adventure and this inspired me. After a little bit of persuasion I agreed to join them one day...and so it began.

(Nearly) Every Saturday I go and an adventure with my family.
(Nearly) Every Saturday I make may parents proud and I am proud of them.

My Dad Cheers me on and I feel like a child at school athletics sprinting to the finish line, sprinting to that triumphant high five. I love the look on his face, I love his encouragement. I love the need I have to "finish this run" because Dads got my back.

I run along side my mother throwing small, short breathed words of acknowledgements, "2K's done ma" or "nearly there". At that moment we are a team, we are two strong woman fighting through our bodies weakness to make our goal. I love that feeling, feeling so close.


I see my daughter on the side lines cheering "go mummy" with a squeal of excitement, She makes me feel proud of myself, the expression on her face mimics the emotions I feel for my parents... for when I'm running along side my mum my heart is shouting "go mummy", when I run past my dad my heart is shouting "look at me daddy, I'm doing it"


(Nearly) every Saturday I become a child.
(Nearly) every Saturday I'm the happiest I've been all week.



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