Brought to you by the beach.

Are there every moments in your life that put you in a state of reflection?
A place, a person or even a certain activity?
For me its the beach.
For me the beach is my observant retreat. A Place that allows me to absorb the world and all its beauty.
There's the warmth of the sun that's like a hug you never knew you needed. There's the horizon that sparkles in the distance and gives me this wonder of what's beyond it, what my future holds. The vast expanse of the ocean draping over the earth like a blanket, that makes me feel small but in a way that allows improvement, as if the world has gifted me endless space to grow.
Even as a child I remember the simplicity of life that the beach brought me, picturing myself living there like the kids from 'Blue Lagoon'.
In fact the decision to discontinue my studies as a nurse was brought on during a family holiday at the beach, spending hours staring at the water wondering if nursing is really what was in my horizon. Inevitably it wasn't.
So now I sit here as an adult watching my child play freely in the sand, just as I once did, and I wonder what does the horizon look like for her?


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