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Today I was thinking about what I would want people to say about when I'm not around. How would I be described if I were a character in a novel?

For instance, whenever i am discribing a person I have just met to my husband It normally evolves around there main features and characteristics that stand out to me or are the things I like or dislike about them.
Example "she has this calmness about her that I admire"

So what attributes do i strive to obtain and how i would like them to effect the way people perceive me?

For instance I love a laugh and although often times I don't get humor quite right, I guess I still try. My husband says I have a silly humor, the kind that turns small things into a childish joke that often times aren't funny at all but still make you laugh because I enjoy it.
Which I guess is close but I would love someone to say "she finds humor in all things, big or small, and as long as it makes her smile, that's satisfying enough."

I love telling stories and often times I get told I go on "tangents" I love to talk about experiences, the side of the world that I excites me and if I get an opportunity to tell you about it I will.
I would love if someone ever said  "she's a story teller".

I love knowledge or 'fun facts' as I like to call it (aka a category of a tangent). Do you ever get that moment in an ordinary day where you think "wow I didn't know that" or "I wonder how that works, I'll google it"? Well I do every single day and put away in my mind for the next "fun facts" moment.
I would love if I was every called "smart" or at least "somewhat intelligent" maybe even "knowledgeable".

I care about everyone. I feel the pain someone is feeling so deeply sometimes it hurts. I experience the gravity of a person situation in my own heart even if it's a stranger. My husband calls it "over emotional" I call it "empathetic".

In some situations I can be so inappropriate..I have this miraculous ability to always stumble with my words and say the wrong thing at the wrong time....or the meaning of my words to be twisted by own tongue to the point that a compliment comes out as an insult. But I would love someone to say "she is a dork in a quirky kind of way"

But overall more than anything I would love someone to describe me as a nice person...that is my ultimate goal. Just someone they are glad they met.

Have you every thought about it? Ever thought how you would want to be described?


  1. Wouldn't that be the best, really? Just to know that when you you crossed paths with someone, they were a little better for it. Being nice is pretty darn lovely thing to be.

    1. It would be lovely, gives you a little bit of a purpose :)

  2. gosh, I don't know about myself... but you sound like a very nice person indeed. x





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