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I have neglected my duties as a partner and have been from the day my daughter filled up my heart. I have learnt that I am not the only woman that has struggled with this issue. Although I am only 22 I found it hard to come to terms with the fact that I was suffering from something a woman in her 30/40 would struggle with, I learnt it is not age it is something that comes with being a mother and giving yourself up entirely even forgetting what your basic human needs are.

I look back on mine and my partners relationship before children and how tender we were with one another, why can't the two factors coincide. This isn't an issue that only couples with children face but anyone that has been in any type of long term relationship, the love stays but lust becomes faint. Is it because we have just become to familiar with our loved ones face that we no longer feel the need to study them?
A lot of people in my research have gone on and on about how communication is the best way to handle it in a relationship, but none have specified what exactly to communicate about.

It is in fact talking about the nitty gritty (that helped me), talking bout the things that we never needed to express to each other. Before becoming parents all of our attention was so focused on our other half (and vise versa) that the small things didn't need to be talked about. We didn't need to voice how we made each other feel, we could see it in each others eyes. But now we don't have the mental strength to keep our eyes open at the end of the day let alone friggin saying something with them.(or he can't pick up on it)

Basically the notion that is hopefully going to help me is "get back to basics" say they things that never needed to be said. Our automatic gears no longer work we need to get this engine started manually.


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