Chritsmas Haze

And so its christmas... Another year has come and almost gone,

Its seems as if we spend all year preparing for this one day and it goes all too quickly. How we wish this day would drag on and on just like the day that never seem to end. A day filled with chaos and an abundance of family...and then our dear little ones come along and the magic of christmas seems to come alive again. I found myself a lying awake on Christmas eve trying to concoct all these clever ways to make it look like santa had come for my dear 16 month old angel who doesn't know who santa is (other then the big scary man mummy made her sit on knee for a photo).

I have learnt we as adults become children again through our children. we see that sparkle in their eye and we want it to be christmas everyday. We dont want that moment to end but the day just goes too fast. Oh how i wish i could bottle that sparkle, smile and shriek of delight when she discovers elmo hidden underneath that scrunchy paper. And all of a sudden we love everyone in the world a million times more than we had a few short hours before.....suddenly on this day we are even more grateful for everyone we know and everyone that is part of our lives.


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