Dear angel,

I want to tell you how great my love for you is.
I want to tell you how much my love for you grows with everyday you grow, how every new smile, giggle, silly face or milestone you achieve the love oozes from my heart.

I want to tell you how I melt when I see you sleep....oh how perfectly peacefully you look. Unbelievable angel. I could stare at you for day's never quite believing I have created something so beautiful without even really trying.

I want to tell you that you are my life's greatest achievement. That when every day ends I feel I have run a marathon, then I see you sleep and am ready to do it all over again.
Because angel there is nothing I would not do for you. Right now all you ask from me is to be fed, changed, kissed, cuddle and tickled (oh how I love your giggle).

Until the day you ask more of me, I'll be loving you the best I can.


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